Allen Keller was whoring himself out to the ad world – scribbling puns to sell condoms and business insurance – when his band, The Falling Wallendas, got signed to a record deal. The next day, he quietly entered the agency’s supply closet, loaded up on their fine-tipped Pilot Rollerballs, and left out the side door, embarking on a music career that would produce four critically-acclaimed albums which now now sell for hundreds of dollars on the Dark Web (or stream for free on ITUNES and Spotify). After his bandmates left him high-and-dry to join lightweights like Brian Wilson and STYX, Keller boxed up his signature Music Man Sabre II guitar and used those old purloined Pilot Rollerballs to write sketch comedy at Chicago’s famed Second City Theater. Eventually, the Windy City became too small for such a massive ego (I mean talent) and Keller drove cross country to Hollywood to hawk screenplays as well as shoot award-winning short films that brought him many accolades (and no money).


Alex Hofmann first dreamed of being a rock star as a kid. That didn’t happen; it won’t ever happen. And that’s OK, because he’s still lived through a lot of (personal) music firsts. He was born the year The Doors recorded their first album. His first music purchase was at age 5 from JC Penney — a 45 of Grand Funk Railroad’s Do the Locomotion (price: $1). First album purchased: KISS Destroyer (which he returned). First concert attended: The Who (first farewell tour). First song played in a school talent show: The Clash Should I Stay or Should I Go (accidentally said *Sh!t* into the microphone). First rock star hangout: Trip Shakespeare (including Dan Wilson). First concert promoted: Soul Asylum (at the University of Wisconsin student union). Riding the jetstream of these early-life firsts, Alex became the concert tour manager for the first North American tours for Radiohead and PJ Harvey (and also toured with BoDeans, The Samples, The Chills, and other bands). The firsts began to go sideways, however, with the first serious band that he played in, The Vainglorious, which toured, played at CBGB, and got some nibbles but no bites. That led to a string of post-music jobs that were nothing of note (pun intended)…but were successful in moving Alex further and further from the dream. Until now…his first podcast, which brings together music + stories + rock stars + Spinal Tap Moments + one of his best friends into a first-of-its-kind, alchemistic combination of who knows what. We’ll find out together. And you heard it here…first.